Webinar – IPA/Real Assets Adviser: Real Alternative Insights: Understanding And Maximizing The Rise of Closed End Interval Funds

January 4, 2018 | Webinar | 2 p.m. EST

Closed End Funds have evolved into a versatile solution for client portfolios. The structure of a closed end fund, however, only reveals some elementary considerations for inclusion in those portfolios.

This call will focus on expanding our collective due diligence capabilities by examining major differences between closed end fund structures. We will examine different types of closed end funds and take a closer look at the assets inside the structure.

Topics will include:

– Purpose of the Closed End Fund Structure
– Asset classes that fit well in a Closed End Fund
– The differences between a conventional Closed End Fund and a Closed End Interval Fund
– How Closed End Funds access real estate
– How Closed End Funds access private and public credit
– Identifying appropriate portfolio uses

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2 p.m. EST,

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