2014 Fall Editorial Advisory Board Meeting – The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas

September 9 - 11, 2014 | Carmel Valley Ranch | Carmel, California

Open forum and networking event designed to create and foster stimulating dialogue. Introduction for the exchange of ideas and cultivation of feedback to improve the quality of The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas. There will be no investment manager or consultant presentations and no speakers. Marketing is strictly prohibited. The content of these meetings is confidential and for the benefit of participating board members only.

By invitation only. Invitations are sent only to those who are eligible to attend.

Investment advisers, investment managers, funds of funds/managers of managers
In order to be able to attend, your organization needs to be a Full or Dual sponsor of The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas (our monthly publication that is a source for tax-exempt real estate investors). We hold two Editorial Advisory Board meetings a year. Full sponsors can choose the meeting they want to attend. Dual sponsors can attend both meetings. Invitations are sent directly to the Editorial Board representative provided by the sponsoring organization.

To learn more about sponsorship of The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas, click here or contact Geoffrey Dohrmann at

Pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, multilateral banks, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds and consultants
These organizations are invited based on the recommendations of the sponsoring firms of The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas and/or at the discretion of Institutional Real Estate, Inc. based on the following criteria: funds that are currently involved or planning to become involved in real estate; employ third-party managers as part of their investment strategy; are active in making changes or implementing a strategy in the coming year; are willing to commit to attend the Editorial Advisory Board meeting.

To request an invitation or to learn more about the benefits of joining the Editorial Advisory Board, please contact Lucero Jaramillo at and be sure to include background information of your organization.

  • Board/Speakers
Name that human being

Mike Consol


Mike Consol, Editor, The Institutional Real Estate Letter – Americas, Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

Name that human being

Geoffrey Dohrmann, CRE

President and CEO

Geoffrey Dohrmann, CRE, President and CEO, Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

  • Hotel & Venue

Carmel Valley Ranch

One Old Ranch Road

Carmel, California

Carmel Valley Ranch, Old Ranch Road, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, United States

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  • Contact

Registration & Logistics

Lucero Jaramillo or +1 925-244-0500 ext. 130

Publication Sponsorship

Wendy Chen or +1 925-244-0500 ext. 133

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