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Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

Institutional Investing in Infrastructure is a smart and insightful newsletter emailed monthly to members of the global institutional investment community who have investments in infrastructure or are considering the asset class for future commitments. A spin-off product of our annual Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (i3) conference, the i3 publication aggregates and reports news about the transactions, PPPs, fund offerings and commitments, people and more that institutional investors and their advisers need to stay competitive in the market. i3 also delivers in-depth investor and sector profiles, feature articles and interviews with thought leaders and decision makers who are shaping the market.

A subscription to i3 includes a copy of the summary report of IREI’s annual i3 Investors Survey, a report of investor and consultant sentiment and expectations for global infrastructure investment. The i3 publication and the i3 Investors Survey are comprehensive and indispensible resources that support your ongoing success in the market.

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  • May 2016
    Wars and rumors of wars: Emerging markets have a huge need for infrastructure investment and can offer highly favorable returns. Institutional…

    The real estate P3 opportunity in the United States: A market with much potential for infrastructure investors who value social projects
  • April 2016
    Regulating expectations: At what point do regulatory changes stop being an acceptable part of infrastructure assets

    The only constant is change: Infrastructure investment options are evolving to meet investor demand
  • March 2016
    Think globally, act locally: Governments at all levels are working in tandem with private investors to address ailing infrastructure

    What is on tap: The i3 conference agenda takes shape
  • February 2016
    It is a small world: Infrastructure investors across the globe share common objectives and challenges

    Iceland, the happiest and greenest of them all: How the tiny island country went from last to first and what the world can learn from it
  • January 2016
    Getting it right: Investors and investment managers comb through the fine details

    China logic: Urbanization is boosting growth in the Chinese logistics and infrastructure sectors
  • December 2015
    Green with envy: Infrastructure investors target greenfield strategies as prices in core brownfield markets get exorbitant

    The glamorous life
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